Integrative Medicine

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What is Integrative Medicine?

At The Center for Health & Integrative Medicine we blend both conventional medicine and natural therapies for optimal health & well-being. Many of our patients come to us because they want a Medical Doctor who also understands and utilizes natural options for health conditions. We believe there are benefits to utilizing a variety of different types of healing modalities. Conventional medicine provides appropriate interventions to deal with acute health challenges, such as heart attacks, broken bones, and traumatic accidents. Prescription medications may also be very useful in these situations. On the other hand, chronic health issues such fatigue, digestive issues, heartburn, and even autoimmune disorders can often be helped by addressing areas such as diet, nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle. Integrative Medicine looks at the “whole person” and searches for the root causes of health issues, rather than just treating symptoms. By combining multiple modalities, Integrative Medicine blends the best of both conventional medicine and various natural approaches to create a truly synergistic healing paradigm.

What health conditions may be helped by Integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medicine can be useful in treating a variety of chronic health challenges. Dr. Hernandez has successfully helped many patients with issues such as chronic fatigue, high cholesterol, hormonal imbalances, low thyroid conditions, digestive issues (such as heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, and chronic constipation), fibromyalgia, low sex drive, diabetes mellitus-type II, and more. In addition to performing conventional medical history and physical examination, Dr. Hernandez has also developed and utilizes a distinctive integrative medical model of analysis, diagnosis, and treatment to assist patients in reclaiming their health, improving quality of life, and enhancing their well-being.

Some of the health conditions treated at The Center for Health & Integrative Medicine include?

Chronic Digestive Issues Hormonal Imbalances Chronic Fatigue Chronic Insomnia
GERD/Acid Reflux/Heartburn Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Hot Flashes/Night Sweats/Mood Swings Hypothyroidism
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Reduced Libido Adrenal Fatigue High Cholesterol
Autoimmune Disorders Chronic Headaches Fibromyalgia Hypertension
Chronic Allergies Chronic Sinusitis Diabetes Mellitus Arthritis
Anti-Aging Chronic Constipation Low Energy States PMS
Chronic Stress & Anxiety Nutritional Detoxification Nutritional Deficiencies And many more


Is Dr. Hernandez a Medical Doctor?

Yes. Dr. Hernandez is board certified in Internal Medicine and residency trained in Emergency Medicine. He has over 28 years of clinical experience and has held the position of Medical Director for a multi-physician primary care clinic.